Meet The Performer: Bruise Violet, Who’ll Be At Bluestocking Lounge This Saturday!

We bloody love Bruise Violet! She has hit the Bluestocking stage a number of times before and always gets you lovely audience going with her awesome routines and gorgeous stage presence… She is a green goddess and a dynamo – and if you’ve not seen her before, you’re in for a right treat! 

BruiseVioletEmerald_MissMothPhotographyBruise first hit the burlesque scene almost 10 years ago but has been interested and inspired by legends such as Betty Page and Tempest Storm since the 90s. Her style is a blend of classic burlesque with a rock ‘n’ roll edge – neo-burlesque at it’s best. Her style hints at the heyday of the ’50s but there’s definitely something of a cool ’70s vibe – think Abigail’s party if the etiquette was to ‘cut loose’, they handed out the bourbon and things got a bit steamy to a load of rock tracks and you’ll be there.

Originally hailing from Yorkshire, Bruise has performed all over the UK, picking up awards, including the prestigious British Crown at the World Burlesque Games 2013, and is a resident performer at Proud Brighton. She also does a very nice line in cruelty-free boas!

Last time she hit the Bluestocking stage she rocked the house – in fact, every time she’s hit the Bluestocking stage, she has rocked the house! There’s a reason they call her the Emerald Inferno! You are all in for a treat this Saturday! She is a real Babe In Toyland and is definitely our thing!

You can catch Bruise Violet alongside Coco Deville, Yippeeikay, Lilly Laudanum, Flissy Tease and Lolly Follie this saturday. Still a few tickets left to grab via Bluestocking Lounge Hobos and Swansea Grand Theatre. Get there early and get the best seats in the house! 

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