Meet The Performer: Jewel Personality, Performing Tomorrow At Our Flowers Of Romance Show!

We can’t wait until tomorrow night, when our Flowers Of Romance comes into full bloom – and we’ve got a fine bouquet of a line-up – we can tell you! With that in mind, it’s time to meet another of our performers Jewel Personality.

30173717_10209388424421258_2106009853_oIf you like your burlesque multi-faceted, then Jewel Personality is the gal for you! This 24 carat performer has a treasure trove of acts, which are inspired by everything from tongue in cheek historical comedies a la Frankie Howerd (her Roman senator transforms into a gladiator with a BIG surprise – ahem!) to her love of Sci-Fi, a nod to Stargate and Battlestar Galactica and a pinch of her Pagan roots.

Hailing from Swindon and performing for two-and-a-bit years, Jewel fell into the world of burlesque by accident: “It was by chance that I spotted a casting for a newbie show and popped a comment on it like, ‘how do you apply for this?’ and the reply was: ‘You just have’!” With no routine to speak of, and a minor panic, she flew into action, hit the stage with a hastily crafted routine – to the tears of her husband – though we’re assured they were tears of pride and joy! And Jewel Personality was born! She has already graced stages across the UK, including slots at the North Wales Burlesque Festival and at Rising Star events including The Spare Rib and Burlesque Noir Rising Star. And going by the cheeky lip sync she will be performing tomorrow, we think you’ll agree Jewel Personality is a gem!

Jewel Personality will be performing tomorrow, on a bill that includes Vanity Dare, Dainty Dorine, Lilly Laudanum and headliners Ozgen and Lady Wildflower. Still a few tickets left via Hobos and our Doors open 7.30pm – get there early to get the best seats in the house! 

Jewel Personality Pic: Neil Lewis, Behind Burlesque

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