110% ALWAYS…

Being on stage requires a lot of dedication, not just in creating your act, rehearsing and then rehearsing some more… it’s about giving extra and paying attention to all the details all of the time… Here’s a few things that often get over-looked, as a check list.   Rehearsed: Have you rehearsed your act enough? […]

5 General Tips for New Burlesque Performers

As producers, we look at a number of criteria for the performers we book for our shows… Here’s a few tips that we’ve learned from four years of performing and three of booking shows… 1. Tight!¬†Your routine must be tight! Think of it as a video – where ever you pause, it must be clear […]

Act Mapping and Creating a Story Line and Tension

Like every good book, film or theatrical production, when you are creating an act for the stage, you want to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning right through to the end. Unless you intend to improvise right the way through the piece (not advisable at all, unless you are a very accomplished performer!), the […]