Geeky Historical Christmas Fact 16

Today we are dealing with the ‘big one’ – the lamb of god, the messiah, etc… and yes, he is a very naughty boy! Fact #16 The ‘exact’ date of jesus’ birth  [religious disclaimer: we’re not religious and am purely looking at this from a historical point of view, if you are religious you may […]

New Years Eve at Hogarths, Swansea

We’ve been asked to jump on board with Hogarths, Swansea this New Year’s Eve, and well, we have to admit, anything involving gin and cabaret – we didn’t have to think twice! We’ll seeing in the new Year in style, with entertainment the famous painter himself would raise a glass to!   Set in the sumptuous […]

Meet The Performer: Terms of Unnervement

With our Bra Humbug! show just days away, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to another of our fantastic acts! So here are Terms Of Unnervement…  Terms Of Unnervement are a dynamic duo of decadence from Brighton whose acts are the embodiment of burlesque. They parody Hollywood legends, portray clever […]

2016 – we have an awesome year in store for you!

While we’re in the excited, things-to-look-forward-to mood, we thought you might like a peek at what we’ve got in store for 2016… firstly, grab your diaries and make sure you save these dates: December 31 2015 – We say goodbye to 2015 in style with a special evening – involving gin, one of the finest internationally […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 15

Well, we’ve got just 10 more of those facts to go – and that means 10 more pics from our christmas Bluestocking shows. Today’s pic is Eliza DeLite’s Like A Prayer act from our Blue Christmas show, 2013 by Miss Moth Photography… and speaking of Lite…   Fact #15 concerns Christmas lights.  It’s Thomas Edison […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 11, 12, 13 and 14

We’ve got a bit of catching up to do on our Christmas facts – which are nothing to do with Burlesque and really, are just an excuse to raid our Bluestocking christmas show album! So today, you lucky beggars, we have 4…  fact #11 tinsel…  Yes that tacky, hideous string of horror that gets everywhere, […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 10

We’re on the 10th of December, which means part 10 of our historical Christmas facts! And today’s pic is the lovely Primrose Proper’s Christmas Fairy act from our Myths and Legends show, Dec 2012 by Miss Moth  Fact #10 concerns the 25 December… Ancient Romans had three celebrations around this time: Saturnalia (mentioned in an […]

Geeky Historical Christas Facts pt9

So today’s historical Christmas fact gives us the chance to share this pic of our lovely audience dressed up all christmassy from our Blue Christmas show, 2013 (pic by Miss Moth)…   Fact #9 concerns the Christmas pudding…  As with the mince pie, this also comes from the East and first arrived in the 1300s […]

Meet The Performer: The Vivid Angel, performing at our Bra Humbug! show

We can’t contain our excitement that the lovely Vivid Angel will be hitting our stage next week – besides, what is christmas without an angel? So we thought you’d like to meet her! The Vivid Angel is a true rock n roll performer. Hailing from the metal community (she fronted a band signed to Roadrunner […]

Geeky Historical Christmas facts pt8

Well, we’re a third of the way through our Christmas countdown already, and sharing Lilly Laudanum’s Christmas facts – which are totally nothing to do with burlesque, but everything to do with festive cheer!  Fact #8… Which concerns the origins of Xmas…  X is actually the greek letter Chi, the first letter of the Greek […]